The Media Content Guru Mastery Plan

Through my Media Content Mastery course, you also get a series of one on one calls with me, teaching and training in branding, marketing and messaging, as well as website and social media content.

What makes this program unique is you don’t just get me and everything I have to offer with over 20 years experience as a journalist, but all the knowledge leading PR’s, Social Media Strategists, Website Designers, Copywriters have to offer.

And in addition to that, there are interviews with entrepreneurs who have been through what you are going through with their businesses and are now successful. They tell you what they wish they had known when they started out, the mistakes.

As well as the secret to their success!

And you also get to connect with like- minded individuals on group conference calls, and join an online community of amazing people who are all going through the same amazing exciting journey as you.

So working with Media Content Guru is like hiring a HUGE publicity company, several business mentors and a support network with TONNES of knowledge for a fraction of the cost.

And the big difference between using me here, and using for example, upwork or fiverr, is that you an actually talk to me in PERSON!