Here is a post with a difference – this is my mini FB Live masterclass I did on a 3 point strategy to grow your Instagram following to boost business. You can watch the video or watch at your leisure – the choice is yours!

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Posted by Media Content Guru on Monday, April 29, 2019


Hello everyone, Zoe Nauman here, Media Content Guru.

Here we are, on my mini masterclass, which is all about how to create a strategy which can grow your Instagram following to awesome.

It will enable you to grow your Instagram following and get some really good, genuine, legitimate new followers which are actually going to potentially buy from you, which is essentially what you want when you’re growing your Instagram following.

This is a very quick masterclass, but I know that you’re really going to benefit from it and you’re going to get some good info from it.

How To Grow Those Followers

First of all, I’m sure you’re already aware that Instagram had 95 million people on it and it’s a platform that is growing continuously all the time.

It’s a great source of revenue for many, many businesses who are able to utilize it to get some more clients and generate more income, which I’m sure is a slice of pie that you would really love to try and get a piece of, to be quite honest with you.

The thing with Instagram is that it is a platform which is actually relatively easy to utilize to help grow your business, but a lot of people get very overwhelmed and stressed by that.

They get concerned and they think they don’t understand it. They think oh, I have to be millennial to understand it.

Well, I’m not a millennial and I understand it, and my business, Media Content Guru, we work with people who are able to grow their Instagram following so they can actually utilize it for their own businesses.

So, just stick with me for this mini masterclass and I know that you’re going to get some really great information out of it.

Cut Through The Confusion

The first thing, this strategy is pretty easy to start. It just takes a little bit of hard work on your part and a bit of dedication, but you know nothing comes easily if it’s a good result at the end.

I’m sure you know that. The way this strategy works is you need to look at nine accounts of people who have a following that you particularly are interested in in following your business. An example of this would be if you have a yoga studio, you would look at other yoga studios that have people who are into yoga or you would look a yoga clothing brand, or you would look at potentially a vegan Instagram handle account. Or, you could look someone who is very into health and lifestyle, fitness lifestyle of some description.

You choose nine accounts which have people on them following them which you would love to be your followers, and then you start looking at a series of hashtags which are likened or similar to what are aligned with your business.

The Proven Strategy

Again, let’s take the yoga studio example. You could look at hashtags who are

You can look at hashtags, for example, that are #yoga, #loveyoga, #yogaclothing, #meditation, #relax, #relaxationtechniques, #bestwaystostretch.

All these kind of hashtags are hashtags that you can look at and just search through and see which are really popular and which are working really well for brands and how people are interacting with them.

You combine these two aspects for your strategy and then what you do is you start to go in and look at the accounts and the followers of those accounts that you liked and those hashtags and you see how many people are commenting on them.

This is a way you can find out if a particular account is going to be an account is actually going to help really benefit you and your business and help your Instagram to follow it. Things you need to look at is the amount of likes that people are getting on each post.

Rules Of Engagement

I mean, someone could have 200,000 followers, but if they’re only getting about 200 likes, then there’s obviously something not quite right with their account.

You need to look at ones that are actually getting a really high level of engagement, because that means that they have got a really good, strong community. You also look at other aspects of their account, like the content. Now, if someone is just hashtagging the life out of each post that their creating, then that’s not them really trying to engage and build a relationship with their community.

You need to look at accounts where they’re actually investing time and effort in the post. They’re actually telling a story. It’s all about authenticity. It’s all about legitimacy. It’s all about connection when it comes to your Instagram account and are you actually utilizing other people’s Instagram accounts to grow your own following.

Once you’ve found an account that actually has all of these boxes ticked, then you need to start going and you need to start direct messaging people. You need to start interacting with them.

Grow Your Community

You need to say really legitimate things about their posts and talk to them so you can start building relationship with them. Once you start building a relationship with them, you can ask them questions. If you’re asking questions, you’re encouraging them to interact with you, and by doing that they’re going to actually start building a social media friendship with you, and then they’re going to want to start following you as well.

That is how you go about slowly building your following. I say slowly because, unfortunately, a lot of people believe that this happens instantly.

They believe that they can make it happen instantly because they could go and get a bot to do it. It’s all very well if you go and pay somebody for a bot, but that bot is not going to be actually generating an authentic relationship with that person who follows you and they’re not going to become a warm lead, and they’re not going to become somebody who is actually going to want to invest in you and your brand and ultimately become a customer of whatever product or service it is that you offer.

And really, that is what you want to do as a business owner. You want to actually have someone who’s following you on Instagram, where you can get to that point where you can actually have them wanting to purchase from you. It’s all about being authentic and it’s all about generating a story and a relationship with them. A bit like having a friendship with somebody in real life.

You become friends with someone, you learn about them, they learn about you. You have an interactive relationship with them. That’s what social media is all about. That’s why it’s called social media. There you have it.

Get Loyal Fans

There is a very small little mini masterclass on how you can actually implement growth on your Instagram following and actually see people following you who potentially can become really great clients.

If you liked that and you’re sitting there thinking well, you know what? That’s really handy and I’m glad I learned that now. I can go away right now and start using that for my business, I have a free training coming up in a couple of weeks which is just for you if you are a brick and mortar business and you are looking to grow your client base through social media.

If you have social media and you’re not getting it to work and you aren’t able to do that right now, you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, because you know what, it can be overwhelming and frustrating learning about social media. It’s confusing. You think you have to be between 15 and 30 to understand it. That’s not true. You think it’s complicated. That’s not true either.

Social media is actually very easy to understand, and I have a five step strategy that I can tell you all about that will enable you to grow your client base right now on social media. That is a free training that I’m going to be doing. It’s going to be a masterclass.

Take It To The Next Level

It’s a webinar that I would love you to join me on. There is a link on the text for this video that you’re watching right now, and also there’s lots more information as well that you can access if you want to take a little slow read.

But, I can tell you right now that if you are a business owner and you have a product or service … What do I mean by that? If you have a business, for example if you are a chiropractor, if you are a dentist, if you are a fitness trainer, if you are a coach. If you have a brick and mortar business, so if you have a restaurant, if you have a fitness training studio, a yoga studio. If you have a brick and mortar business and you want to try and utilize online, even if you’re trying to focus on customers who actually can walk to you, then I absolutely know if you click on this link, that you can benefit from this free training because it is aimed at people just like you.

Remove The Overwhelm

People just like you, who are getting stressed out by the thought of trying to use social media. You’re watching your competitors get more clients come rolling in and they are seeing their incomes grow but you are confused and you’re like I can’t do this, and this is too complicated, and I can’t get my head around this. Well, this free training is just for you. You’ll be able to learn my five step strategy guide with no overwhelm. There’ll be no overwhelm, there’ll be no confusion, there’ll be no stress.

It’ll be really easy for you to understand and you’ll be able to implement it immediately after you have done the free training, and you’ll be able to start seeing how your client base can grow through social media. I would love you to join me. You just need to click on the link and join me for my webinar, and then we can spend some more time together. You’ll be able to ask me questions and I can answer them. I love doing that, because that is exactly what I do with my business, Media Content Guru. I love helping businesses grow so they can see amazing things happen.

Not only in their business, and in their life. You as a business owner can start getting down to the things that really matter to you and are really important to you rather than stressing out about where the next money is going to come in, how you’re going to keep things rolling in, how you’re going to keep growing, and just feeling overwhelmed.

No overwhelm. No overwhelm for you anymore with your social media. Please join me. Click on the link and I will see you for my free masterclass training, which is a social media one on one class, so it’ll be super simple and easy to understand on how you can implement your five strategy technique immediately, right now. That is right now.

After you finish that free class, you’ll be able to implement it and see your client base grow. I’ll see you there – just click on the link. It’s Zoe Nauman, Media Content Guru, and I’m looking forward to us chatting again on the webinar. Take care. See you later. Bye.


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