TV might not reflect the real world, but it does generate real publicity.

And, what do a lot of people do when they have finished work for the day?

They go home, put their feet up, and watch the TV. In a lot of cases, for at least a couple of hours every night.

So, securing a TV appearance can be a great way to get exposure for your business.

And the benefits of having your business on a TV show are, it builds authority and establishes credibility in your business.

What Can I Do To Get My Business On TV?

First you should familiarize yourself with the different shows.

This will help you determine which one you want to be involved in and to know which show your business will be relevant in. 

Tips To Get Your Business On A TV Show

First research the program you’re pitching to.

Before you even pick up the phone to talk to a producer or send an email pitch, do a thorough research on the program you’re pitching to.

Broadcast producers receive hundreds of emails every day. 

So you need to know the format, the kind of stories they run and the type of audience that’ll be on the show.

Make sure you are in the know.

Also find out if your business is relevant for the show. It is a complete waste of your time, and theirs, if, for example, you have a spa business, and you are trying to get on a program, which is mainly about gardening!

You can do the research by watching the program or enquire from other people.

Find Out The Names Of The Producers On The Programs

Get to find out the names of the producers on the programmes you’d want to pitch your business to.

And you can do this by making a phone call.

Just avoid calling them at busy hours, like when the show is live. Producers are always open to ideas – I should know I was one.

And believe me, it is a continuous battle to get great content to feature.

But people in TV are sticklers for not wasting time. They work at a fast pace, in a demanding and high octane environment.

So give them what they need to know in as succinct and to the point way as possible.

They will literally be thinking of a thousand different things and a thousand different jobs they have to do while they are talking to you.

And if it a daily show you are trying to pitch, their schedules are crazy. Once on show is done, it is on to the next one!

So make yourself or your business sound exciting.

Irrespective of what you’re pitching, it’s important to describe to the producer what they will be able to see and hear.

Try to give the researcher or producer a sense of your character, and what you do, to get their attention.

Be Creative When Pitching Your Service, Business Or Product

You need to be creative when pitching your business and consider the different options.

Have a killer email pitch ready to send.

Most broadcast researchers and producers are fine with you pitching over the phone, while others will also ask for something in writing.

So make sure you always have a killer email pitch drafted and ready to send. IMMEDIATELY.

You could appear on the show yourself or have your business’s product be part of the reality TV challenge.

If you prefer to have the spotlight on your product rather than yourself, contact the executive producers of the show that interests you and send samples, along with an explanation of what you are willing to do.

Make Sure You Are Always Available

A journalist or producer that offers an interview with someone, can get frustrated if the person is unavailable.

So make sure you’re available and contactable via mobile always.

Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.

And if you’re invited into a studio for an interview, do take up the opportunity if you can, as this can be a great way to make contacts and connections.

When you do get to the studio, or wherever the filming takes place, remember these points:

1. When you get there, be polite, and don’t start demanding special make-up. Be as low maintenance as possible.

2. NEVER wear stripes – the camera hates it.

3. Likewise don’t wear black. You aren’t at a funeral. Don’t try and outshine the presenters.

4. And stay calm. Especially if you are doing live TV. Yes it can be nerve wracking – but you’ve got this! I have done live TV appearances and you try your hardest not to think of all the people watching! And then that is exactly what you do! Just concentrate on the studio, and who you are talking to, and imagine that is it. So it’s just like having a conversation in front of a few people.

If you make a mistake, don’t stress, just move on!

Have A Website With Quality Content

Contributing to online publications or writing a blog can be a good way to ensure you’re found more easily.

Producers and journalists frequently search online for experts to appear on their programs.

So make sure your website, social media profiles (and, in particular, your LinkedIn page) are up-to-date, with good quality photographs and examples of what your business entails.

Calculate The Risk Of Reality TV

Reality TV, in fact any TV, can be a risky business, and you might not be portrayed as you desire.

No producers will allow the participants to control the filming and editing process, so it’s important that you have confidence in the production company and in producers at the outset.

Look at the types of shows they do and decide if you like them.

By opening the doors to filming, you’re opening the doors to who you are and if you can just be yourself, then people will relate well with you.

These TV shows have turned the owners and employees of small businesses into international celebrities, and generated revenue of tens of thousands of dollars for their businesses.

However they also have the capacity to break a business.

Believe me it is all in the editing process. And if you are doing live TV then you have to make sure you are on the ball and have your wits about you.

However, if you are honest, straight forward, and genuine, the real you will shine through and you will I have no doubt do a stellar job for yourself and your business!

And just think of all those potential clients who will get to see you and what you do!

So it’s next stop the gogglebox for you and building your business empire!

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