Did you know that 67 of Google’s 200 ranking relate to content creation.
So how do you create SEO friendly content that is also compelling?
There are a number of key areas you can do this…

Research Your Topic
Find Your Angle
Find The Perfect Headline
Optimize Your Content Length & Language
It Speaks Specifically to Someone
It’s Written Naturally
The Copy On The Page Matches The Offer’s In Your Ad’s
It gives the Reader Usable Information
You Get Someone From Outside The Company To Participate

Research Your Topic: Get Inspired

If your life were perfect, you would come up with a plethora of amazing and brilliant ideas, bang out some amazing writing AND it would be SEO friendly.
However, in the real world, even the greatest of us struggle with writing,
And you can even suffer from the dreaded writers block. When your imagination is drier than the Sahara desert and the search for inspiration is just as unsuccessful as looking for water.
One way to overcome this is look at other businesses in your niche and get some inspiration from them. Just don’t copy them!
Then you can look for some keywords surrounding your chosen topic so you know you will be on the right track if you want your copy to be SEO friendly.

Find Your Angle: Narrow Down a Topic

So now you have your topic. But what angle should you go for?
Do your research and narrow it down.
Then look at those keywords – how can they fit (the keywords is what SEO looks for)
Then start looking at sub-topics you can build around them
Depending on your goal, you can prioritize subtopics by:
Volume to see the most searched results first.
Difficulty to find out which topics require less effort for promotion.
Topic efficiency to see topics based on both volume and difficulty.

Find the Perfect Headline

This is key – if no one is interested in your headline, no one is even going to read it!
So research some options – there are plenty of online tools you can use to do this – Headline Generator is a good one to check out.
This will help give you some much needed scope and choice.

Optimize Your Content Length & Language You Use

Now that you have some ideas on what to write about and have a headline in mind, let’s get that content creation party started!
Figuring out the right content length is very important .
If you are selling a high value product, then your landing page should be long and address every pain point and every question your potential client could have.
Plus it need to succinctly offer them the ‘one thing’ they need and want from your product or service in an easy to understand and concise manner.
You need to speak their language – so they are thinking ‘it’s just like they are inside my head – it’s magic!’
blog posts need to be around 1500 words long to get good SEO ranking for your site.
Determine how difficult the language/vocabulary should be – what does your client or customer understand?

Your Copy Speaks Specifically to Someone

If you have no idea who the copy was written for when you read it, there is a problem. Who are your customers? What happened in their lives that made them come to your site at this particular time? Profile your visitors and your ideal clients.
Make sure you understand their motivations, and write to their issues so when they read your copy they feel you are solving their problem. And only you can!

It’s Written Naturally

Do people talk like your copy is written? A lot of the time you have to navigate the SEO sea which can make your copy sound clunky and unnatural.
Try to avoid this as much as you can. Your copy should be like your reader is sitting down and having a chat with you or a glass of vino one on one.
Remember to take into account whether it conveys meaning with the kinds of metaphors, and euphemisms and that are used in speech. If there is a strain there is no gain for you!

The Copy on the Page Matches the Offers in Your Ads

Your visitors didn’t get to your site by magic. They got there from one of your ads, or from social media or from a search engine or a referral.
Does the copy on your home pages and landing pages follow on from where your ads started? Is there a relationship between these areas.
Does your “Meta Description,” which the search engines display on their search results page match the copy on the page itself?
Headings and copy give a scent for your potential clients to follow. Make sure there is a feeling of familiarity and unity that draws on a common thing.

It Gives The Reader Information They Can Use

Your copy shouldn’t just be trying to make people buy. It should offer value and also answer their problems.
When someone come’s to your site, your copy should answer the following questions
How does it work?
How can it be used?
Which features should I care about?
What should I be cautious about?
When should I be trying something different?
How do I justify spending money on this?
How do I sell this internally?

You Got Someone From Outside To Cast An Eagle Eye And Write It

Someone writing in house is often too close to the material. In the same way business owners are too close to their businesses when it comes to writing about them. they can’t see the wood for the trees.
That is why they outsource to someone like Media Content Guru.
And it also means, that you are having to explain exactly what you do or sell to an outsider who knows nothing about it.
And if they don’t understand you, then no one else will. So see it as a huge advantage to getting your messaging right.
This process helps refine your messaging, and enables you to get your story straight connecting and coherent.
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