Getting your customers to become involved with your brand is a no minor feat as it requires to you taking measures that will enable you to create an awesome learning experience for your online audience.

You may be wondering how you can provide that awesome learning experience for your prospects to get involved with your brand.

Well the good news I’ve got you with these tips!

The following guidelines will initiate you on how to go about it, while giving you an edge over your competition.

Now that’s what we like to hear!

You need to map out your customer’s journey

One of the ways to make sure you can effectively utilize your digital marketing tools to get prospective customers involved with your product, is to carefully craft a complete customer journey map.

This will help you understand the needs of your customers and potential clients, and give you clues on how to guide them through their quest of finding the solution to their problem in your company’s website.

For you to successfully do this, you need to be able to create a picture of your ideal customers.

You can achieve this by creating your customer’s persona through surveys and online research.

This will enable you to have a better understanding of both existing and prospective buyers so that you can create a customer persona that best suits their need and taste.

The persona should be able to answer the questions of the need of your customer, their goals and values and more importantly the depth of knowledge about your product that they need individually.

Getting to know the fictional character of your ideal customer , or avatar, will help you to effectively devise the measures to take in completing the three stages of your customer’s journey map (which are awareness, evaluation, and conversion).

You need to let them see the value of your product as soon as possible

Letting both your existing and prospective customers know the value of your brand and how it can add a dash of amazing to their life, is a key step to getting them actively involved in it.

Knowing about the existence of your product is not enough to get any buyer to become involved with it.

You should let your prospects know what your product offers and how it can meet their needs.

This way you are explaining to them the value of your product.

It should not be hard for your prospects to understand what your product can do for them and how they can use it.

These are all things you should be able to get crafted into your unique value proposition. In addition, the use of visuals (like videos, graphics, and images) can help you to achieve this in the shortest time possible.

Try to create a ‘get on board flow’ that will enable others to get involved with your product.

Give them room to tell others about your product by granting them access to the basic things they need to achieve just that. And then boom!

You are well on your way to getting some fans!

You should try as much as possible to reduce friction while building on your customer’s profile

The steps that your prospect will take to get involved with your brands should not be a complex or tedious.

Make it nice and easy for them to love you!

The answer is simple; you don’t want to wear them out, before they get signed up to check your brand.

You should make this step a simple and very easy one right from scratch.

From the onset, you should be content with just getting them to fill their name and email address in order to get access to your product page.

One of the best ways to do this is to allow them to log in using their social media details.

Then, as you build your relationship with them, you can get more information about their data. This strategy is called ‘progressive filing.’

You need to create a tutorial for your product

Another way you can get your prospects involved with your brand is to teach them all they need to know, including how they can use it.

You can do this with the help of videos, animations, and graphics.

This tutorial section shouldn’t take long, as you do not want to get them bored.

You should make sure that they get the knowledge they need in the shortest time possible in order to captivate their attention and maintain their interest in your product.

You should give them the best user experience

Managing a better user experience is absolutely critical to almost every business.

It’s the way a customer engages with your company and/or your brand. So it’s important to get it right and the customer has a positive experience.

Without a good experience, you can lose customers which in turn will hurt your bottom line in the long run.

One way you can do this is to get feedback as soon as you can.

If you ask “how did you feel about it?” and “what did you like or dislike?” You are immediately learning more about what they want.

Then you can base your new strategies on what they say.

Remember to use social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and app reviews.

A lot of companies ignore these channels to the detriment of their business.

Why? Because effectively it’s letting customers control your public image.

A public response in a short time frame, even if it’s not able to solve the issue, shows that the company cares about feedback, and values the opinions of its users.

Finally you should also care about giving a human touch to whatever you do with your brand. The power of connection is key when it comes to relating to your customers.

They need to really feel what you have to offer. So let them love you as you love them back!

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